618 Jinx Maze

619 Chloe Starr

620 Ashley Jane

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Chloe's Encounter. 12:05

Chloe may not be one of the best performers but she does have a nice look in this video. There's not a lot of strip tease at the beginning of this video which leaves lots of time for ogling all the naked girlie bits. She's pretty good at spreading the pussy allowing a decent view up her pussy and ass. The best part of this has her lying on her front with her legs open and her hands wrapped around behind to spread everything open. Towards the end she turns around, lifts her butt up of the bed and squats her ass virtually in your face.

A Rear Fuck up. 8:14

Chloe has a little poke around up her ass hole with a chrome toy. Action-wise this clip is a bit lacking in conviction, especially in the first half, though it may work for you. Towards the end she gets her fingers involved with rubbing her pussy at the same time.