608 Lyla Storm

609 Lola

610 Kala Ferard

Shoot Location: Santorini, Greece

Scene 1

Living the High Life. ITC Favorite 18:16

You get to see one of our most beautiful and popular models doing her strip tease in front of an equally spectacular backdrop of the Santorini caldera. The colors, lighting and scenery are really amazing here but don't expect to see her eyes at any point because the conditions were simply too bright for any normal person to open their eyes without sunglasses. Lola's elegant one piece bathing suit fits her beautifully, especially around her flawless ass. When the bathing suit comes down her first ass spread gives an eye popping display of her stunning beauty. Several times she spreads her ass and lets it go to bounce with fabulous motion. Then lying on the deck chair there's lots of pussy and ass spreading and ogling of girlie bits. She gets quite a nice gape of the pussy letting you see quite far into her vagina.

Painting a Masterpiece. ITC Favorite 8:34

The content of this clip is quite unique as Lola uses a make up brush the apply oil all over the prettiest parts of her body. Her youthful and flawless boobs are quite stunning with a generous coating of glistening oil all over them. She then lies back with her legs open and paints her gorgeous pussy with oil. At times she puts it on so generously that you see the oil flowing down over her lips and through her slit. She momentarily uses the brush as a toy inserting the handle into her pussy. There's a brief bit of bend over ass painting at the end.

Greece me up Baby. 10:00

Those turned off by male hands might skip this video. Our off camera assistant gives Lola a nice oily pussy and ass massage with beautiful cheeks and cracks glistening in the sun. You get the front row seat between her legs to see every drop flow through her ass crack along with lots of sexy caressing and fondling. She poses on her front and back and side in various parts of this clip with hands exploring both her ass and pussy.