059 Mya Diamond

060 Angela & Jo

061 Eve

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

This video does have pretty much a one track theme throughout almost all of it. If you watch inthecrack videos for peeing, speculums, and vagina views, we're sorry but this video just isn't going to work for you. You might as well pass it over. On the other hand if you're really into asses and like watching two girls play with each others bums then you can really knock yourself out with this video.

Scene 1

Red Room Rendezvous. 10:19

Angela and Jo strip each other off on the bed. You don't see any naked pussy or anus yet but there's lots of nice tease, breast play, and panty views. Both girls have perfect pert little titties. You'll love the way they brush their nipples together up against each other. You also get a good look at Angela's panties wrapped around her ample ass as Jo kisses and fondles her ass and then licks her crotch through the panties.

Licking Ass. 7:25

Jo has her ass in the air for this entire clip while Angela gets to eat her out with her tongue in Jo's ass most of the time. For the first little bit Jo's panties are still on while Angela admires her ass. After the panties come off it's virtually 100% anus licking all the time. There's great views from all angles and Angela gets in some really nice licks with Jo holding her bum cheeks open. There's a nice close up view from below of Angela's tongue in Jo's anus.

Kissing Ass. 12:21

Now Jo gets to thoroughly play with Angela's ass while she is lying on her front with her legs spread. There's lots of bum spreading, ass kissing, and anus licking, and she also gets a finger up inside Angela's anus. We get you're face right up in Angela's bum crack to watch her anus as she flexes her anal muscles over and over.

Jo's Diggin' it. 2:52

Now Angela flips over onto her back and Jo licks her pussy and has a nice little dig in her vagina with a couple of fingers.

Squeeze My Finger. ITC Favorite 7:06

This is much like the "kissing ass" clip above with the girls in opposite positions. Now Jo is lying on her front with her legs spread while Angela plays with her ass dabbling her finger in her anus repeatedly. If you love watching beautiful female bum holes in motion this clip is an absolute must have. Jo has the prettiest anus you've ever seen and it looks ever so sexy as she squeezes it in and out with her perfect little anal creases sucking up into her ass over and over.

Jo's Turn. 3:21

Now Jo lies on her back for Angela to lick and finger her pussy. We figure the action on Angela's part seems a little tentative and lacks some conviction but at least there's a great view of a really pretty pussy.

Scene 2

Giggly Girlies. 6:12

You see Angela and Jo sitting by the pool both wearing tight stripy shorts and matching "girly" shirts. The girls mood is quite bashful and playful with some very cute nervousness and giggling as they strip each others clothing off. You get a nice low angle view of both girls asses standing over your face both with and without the shorts.

I Knead You. 12:25

The 2 girls take turns giving each other an oil massage with a heavy concentration on the bums. This clip features Angela massaging Jo's ass first lying on her front and then with her bum in the air. It's not exactly fast and furious action but you do get a nice long ogle up Jo's bum with lots of fondling going on. There's bum spreading, miniature baby slaps, anal finger dabbling and some nice anal muscle flexing as well.

You Knead Me. ITC Favorite 15:32

Now the roles are reversed as Jo gives Angela a thorough bum massage. Again there's lots of bum spreading, fondling, finger dabbling, and anus flexing in this 15 minute long power ogle up Angela's lovely ass. Angela's big voluptuous bum cheeks combined with the great camera angle makes for a gorgeously curvy bumscape. The motion of Angela's big prominent bum cheeks under Jo gently kneading hands is just downright pretty.

Scene 3

Bathing Beauties. 7:24

Angela and Jo take a bath together and do some mutual backside washing. There's lots of soaping and rinsing with lovely views of soap and water running over bum cheeks and through bum cracks.