605 Lena Nicole

606 Viktoria Diamond

607 Deborah Black

Shoot Location: Palau

Scene 1

Sun of a Beach. 6:39

This strip tease video has some amazing colors and a beautiful location, though the strip tease performance itself is lacking a bit of enthusiasm from the model. You don't see the eyes very much at this point since the sun was a little too bright for her eyes so she is wearing sun glasses. Though the tease is rather generic the overall atmosphere of this clip is really tranquil with a beautiful visual setting and excellent sound quality taking in the lapping of tiny waves landing on the beach.

Trees Company. 3:25

Now under the shade of the coconut trees Viktoria does a nice fully nude display of her sexy body with some underside views while standing over your face and then lying on the tree. You will be struck by the silky smoothness of her near flawless pussy and ass.

Cum in Tree of Charge. 9:39

This clip shows off Viktoria's better talents as she gets busy with a vibrator while lying back on the fallen tree trunk. The reflected light on her pussy is at times quite strong but brings out the details in her glistening bald lips. It takes her a while to build up to it but she eventually has an apparently real orgasm with some visible muscle clenching. She then turns around and has another orgasm while standing on one leg with her other knee raised giving you a nice view from underneath.