601 Rosemary Radeva

602 Dani Daniels

603 Sheena Shaw

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Knickers really Satisfies. ITC Favorite 11:45

As soon as Dani stands up with her super short dress creeping up her ass it is obvious that there's a substantially gorgeous ass to be ogled here. We do take some time to observe her other nice assets but her ass demands our attention through most of this strip tease. The nice fit of her panties and the tease with her short hemline enhance the bum ogling beautifully. The panties feature quite prominently in the close ups while the full body views display her remarkable form both front and back. The slow pull down of her panties is mesmerizing and the beautiful butt spreading that follows features some lovely ass jiggles.

That's Pretty Fanny. 11:07

Now with Dani fully naked we spend quite a bit of time just soaking in her beautiful ass. There's plenty of underneath views as she stands over the camera and later sits backwards on the chair with her ass hanging out over the edge. There's little bits of light butt jiggling and pussy spreading mixed in with this clip in various places. Towards the end she gets up on the table and gives a nice ass wobble and a pose lying on her front with her leg open.

Table of Friggers. 7:45

Dani uses just fingers to rub her pussy in this masturbation scene. There's several different positions lying on the table though some of them are a little less convincing than others as she found the hard surface a bit awkward. The noisiness is a bit contrived as she reaches a climax though the eye candy on display is no less appealing.