057 Viva

058 Angela

059 Mya Diamond

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Don't expect any seriously hard core action from Angela (a.k.a. Candy). This video is more suitable for those who just like to ogle a really cute girl with some very well developed female parts, primarily a big shapely ass and plump inner pussy lips.

Scene 1

Flirty Strip. 9:23

This first clip is all tease so don't download it expecting to see a lot of naked pussy and ass. Angela strips out of her black lingerie and shows off her legs, breasts, and big round butt cheeks. She pulls out the front of her panties to show you inside her panties while she fiddles with her thick pussy lips. There's some really nice flirty eye contact in this clip.

Angela's Assets. 10:19

We focus the attention straight up Angela's naked private parts for a good long time. She spreads her bum crack standing over your face and then gets on her knees with her ass in the air. The action is perhaps a little lacking in passion but it's still a great view up a beautiful big round ass with her deep butt crack repeatedly spreading open and some nice round curves to look at.

Dribble Dabble. 6:46

Angela lies back on the couch with her knees up and plays with her pussy. She spends most of this clip just dabbling her fingers in her very moist vagina with her girlie juice gradually seeping out and running all down her butt crack.

Deposit and Withdrawal. ITC Favorite 15:52

While still on the couch with her knees up Angela repeatedly sinks up big red dildo in and out of her pussy. There is no really hard and fast action. It's all about ogling the finer details of pussy penetration, spewing girlie goo, flexing bum hole muscles, and looking up her gaping vagina every time the dildo comes out. If you like oozing creamy stuff coming out of a girl's vagina there's lots of it here. Angela frequently squeezes her bum hole and pussy muscles enhancing the view of her anus and causing more goo to flow from her vagina. There's also an extreme close up segment that's great for viewing up her open vagina every time the dildo comes out and you also see her flexing bum hole filling your entire screen.

Scene 2

Twin Peaks. 18:29

If you want to get lost in Angela's beautiful big bum this is the clip to indulge in your ass worship fantasies. She starts out sitting by the pool looking very cute and flirty. She rolls over to lie on her front and we put your face right up under her ass between her thighs. Her bum cheeks are like two big smooth mounds looming large in front of your face. She's constantly fondling her bum cheeks and spreading and jiggling them around throughout this video clip. She sometimes fiddles with the thong going through her butt crack and pulls it out of her crack. After the panties come off she poses with her ass in the air and then standing over your face for some nice up the skirt views. Inspiration wanes a little at times but it's still great for a good soak in her lovely ass.

Having a Ball. 5:00

Angela bounces around playfully on a pink rubber blow up ball that happens to have built in handles that fit nicely into her pussy. Actually the best part of this clip is the look on her face. She looks extra cute and flirty with her sweet smile.

Pause for the Cause. 1:36

Don't watch this clip for the action because there is none. This was intended to be a pee scene but the pee never came. It's footage we might have otherwise thrown out except for the fact that she just looks really good even doing nothing. Some nice camera angles really enhance the shape of her beautiful pussy and ass with her wet pussy mound pouting prominently.

Soft Pink. 13:03

Angela spends some time dabbling a vibrating soft pink picket rocket in her pussy and a purple ribbed dildo in her ass hole. At the end there is an extreme close up segment of her ass hole muscles flexing and her finger dabbling in her ass hole.

To Pee or Not to Pee. 2:09

Angela finally managed to do a pee for us squatting on the floor. She goes a little bit at a time stopping and starting several times. There's also some really nice face shots mixed in with this footage.