586 Chloe Starr

587 Lexa

588 Aiden Ashley

Shoot Location: Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

This video does not go as far as masturbation as we decided to shoot the kind of content that Lexa really enjoys doing. A mega yacht full of people watching us, particularly in the pictures, also somewhat dictate what we shot here. The location is amazing and the posing Lexa does is stunning as you might expect from a top quality erotic model.

Scene 1

Sun Babing. ITC Favorite 26:03

Lexa introduces this scene with a little talking in her native Czech language. You then watch her ass wiggle away from a distance as she takes a quick stroll down the beach. The great majority of this clip features Lexa posing and frolicking around in the beautiful blue waters of this Virgin Islands beach. She is really a vision is beauty in this idyllic setting with her amazing rear end curves featuring prominently as usual. There's a nice mixture of charming personality and stunning poses as she rolls around in the edge of the water and on the sand.

For Ships and Wiggles. ITC Favorite 7:57

You get to watch the perfect female form in motion now as Lexa takes a long stroll down the beach. There's lots of close up wiggly bum watching with a sexy little patch of sand on her ass. The picture stability is perhaps not the most steady as we had to walk with the camera hand held for much of this.

Lucky Sand of a Beach. 5:27

The beach scene continues with Lexa posing on the sand and getting lots of sand caked all over her ass. She then poses right in the edge of the water with her legs wide open so that the little waves splash up her crotch and ass crack.

Buoyancy Buoyancy. 7:05

The scene ends now with lots of ass up posing in the water. It's a little similar to parts of the first clip simply because we couldn't get enough of it. Once again the view is quite stunning with Lexa's beautiful ass framed by the beautiful blue water.

Scene 2

It's a Boat Time. 11:33

This scene is in fact in a whole other location in Culebrita, Puerto Rico. Lexa does a strip tease from her sexy black one piece bathing suite while on the roof of a boat. After she is naked there's a nice little bit of butt spreading with some close up views in her crack. She also gets her pussy spread open with her fingers out of the way for a nice vagina view.

Paddle Butt. 4:27

Lexa plans to jump into the water from the roof of the boat and gets a little freaked out about the height but she eventually does it. The remainder of the video shows Lexa just swimming around in the water and later snorkelling with her shapely butt floating half out of the water.