574 Nomi Melone

575 Lexa & Caprice

576 Ashley Jane

Shoot Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

This video is not without some minor technical issues with occasional overexposure, etc. The audio is dominated by the constant buzzing sounds of nearby Cicadas. On the positive side this video features two of our most popular models doing things that you never thought they would do and the location is quite beautiful.

Scene 1

Nude Necking Nymphs. 13:48

There's a little more attention to kissing than we would normally focus on as these two girls seem to genuinely like each other and gravitate towards kissing in between all the stripping action. Caprice was in fact Lexa's first, and perhaps only choice for a lesbian scene or else it might not have happened. There's not a lot of actual lesbian sex yet but they do strip down completely to explore each other's bodies and display all the goods to the camera. There's a very sexy scissors style position near the end with the two girls rubbing their pussies against each other. The clip ends with a very nice close up view up Lexa's spread crack while the girls continue kissing.

I Lick Twat I see. 14:45

The girls take turns to lick each other's pussies in a few different positions. There's not likely any real orgasms in this but it is all very sensual and erotic.

The Hind Lick Maneuver. 13:09

The scene is repeated now with the girls taking turns to lick each other's asses with tongues continually flicking around right on the anus. All of the positions give excellent pussy and ass views while the butt hole is getting licked. Caprice rubs her pussy quite vigorously while getting her ass licked and then she returns the favour. With the girls both lying on their front Caprice positions herself in the perfect position between Lexa's legs to worship her ass and eat out her lovely ass crack.

Scene 2

We Nudist would be Fun. 1:47

The girls go for a post sex frolic in the hillside meadow. We shoot from a distance taking in the beautiful background view as the girls dance around playfully on the grass. It's a brief look at some beautiful bodies in motion with lots of character and exuberance.