569 Satin Bloom

570 Dani Daniels

571 Niky

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Knickerette Bum. 13:10

Dani's animal print dress is super short giving a little glimpse of heavenly ass and sexy panties under her hemline. The butt tease is really awesome with slow squirming and beautiful curves undulating under nice fabrics.

Fanny Daniels. ITC Favorite 9:05

Now with all her clothes off Dani gets down to showing off her bare pussy and ass with some nice bend over posing and some very sexy ass wobbling. She then gets up on the arms of the chair squatting with one knee on each arm of the chair. This position gives an awesome perspective from directly underneath looking straight up her bare underside with her legs wide apart. At the end she turns to show a front side angle while she squirms her ass in the air behind her.

Honey Spoon. 11:06

Dani uses a glass dildo with several ribbed sections on one end of it. For most of this clip she hangs her ass off the edge of the chair giving a nice ass view along with the masturbation action. The climax to this action is a big show that comes with a lot of screaming which may be a bit suspect. The best part is probably the last couple of minutes after she is done with the toy when she just squirms her dangling ass in the air. The angle and motion here are excellent for a decent eyeful of a beautiful undercarriage.