566 Bernice

567 Claudie

568 Jinx Maze

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Rep.

Scene 1

Slow and Behold. 16:38

Claudie's super short yet elegant skirt fits her form beautifully and gives some excellent panty views from below. She is rather quiet and shy and a little unsure of herself though this is perhaps a charming feature and it does not impede some fantastic ass teasing. The top comes off to reveal her flawless and firm tits and she takes a couple of minutes to fondle them. It takes quite a long time for her panties to come off but you will love every minute of it as she adjusts them and wedges them up her crack before she lowers them for a sneak peek up her bare crack. She has quite a fantastic ass with traces of peach fuzz hair on her cheeks.

Below it up your Ass. ITC Favorite 10:03

We spend most of clip underneath Claudie's naked pussy and ass just gazing up her undercarriage while she slowly moves around and spreads her bits. She stands with her ass parked over your face and later bends over on her knees and squats with her pussy and ass hovering over your face. It is a pussy and ass heaven with no lack of explicit views up her gorgeous underside.

A Snap on Tool. 12:14

Claudie uses a purple rubber dildo in this masturbation scene. The head of the dildo seems to snag on her anatomy making it move in a jerky motion. You could either be fascinated or distracted by it. She is not exactly a natural performer with a dildo though some of the views are pretty awesome. In the latter portions she hangs her ass off the edge of the chair giving a great view of her stunningly beautiful ass while she penetrates her pussy with the dildo. She eventually gets a rhythm going with some beautiful slow squirming in her ass. There's some nice traces of creamy pussy goo on the dildo and around her vaginal opening near the end. After she is done with the dildo we get some really beautiful squirming pussy and ass views while she still hangs her ass off the edge of the chair.

Scene 2

Claudie with Intermittent Showers. 1:49

Claudie squats crab walk style over the bath tub and you view from low down inside the tub as she pees. She has some trouble getting the pee to come but she does manage a few little streams.