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546 Lexi Bloom

547 Lexi Bloom

Shoot Location: Skippers Canyon, New Zealand

We took a little safari to get to this special spot in one of the most remote areas of New Zealand. The audio on this video is especially awesome with the sounds of nearby insects chirping and birds in the distance plus the sound of the river in the distance. If you wear headphones you will hear the symphony of critters in stereo.

Scene 1

Critters n Bits. ITC Favorite 19:37

You will be looking at more than just a beautiful girl in this strip tease video because it is like a beautiful painting in the background. Turn up the volume on the audio and you will feel like you are right there with her. The atmosphere is quite different from the usual sets as runners replace high heels and the untamed outdoors pervade every nuance of this excellent video. Lexi lays out her picnic blanket and gets quite comfortable in the surroundings. She takes her time getting fully naked and we end up getting some beautiful close up spread pussy and ass views while she lies in the long grass.

Beat your Veggies. ITC Favorite 12:07

Lexi's picnic basket has a few different items in it with a vibrator and an ideally shaped carrot instead of sandwiches. She works the vibrator on her pussy and it is not long before she has a very real and shuddering orgasm. She pauses to display her spread vagina for a moment and then she resumes the masturbation action with the carrot. This time she takes a bit longer but she has another orgasm with the carrot inside her pussy and the vibrator on her clit at the same time. There's a nice little stream of creamy girl juice seen flowing over her butt cheek.

Hole on Knoll. 4:18

This is all the pussy spreading after the masturbation is finished. There's a few brief close up views of all the girlie bits spread open and then we see Lexi packing up her little picnic and walking away while still naked.