541 Ashley Jane

542 Satin Bloom

543 Elisa

Shoot Location: Positano, Italy

Presumably we might have caught Satin on a less than ideal day as she seems a little distracted in this video. Lack of conviction aside she still looks awesome, has a great ass and flawless pussy for ogling and the location is really beautiful. If you are looking for great performances we suggest looking at other videos.

Scene 1

The Bloomin Riviera. 17:19

Satin's strip tease is on a balcony overlooking an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea from the cliffs of the Italian Amalfi coast. One could easily imagine a James Bond movie in a setting such as this. The audio is quite interesting with many church bells from neighbouring cathedrals all ringing simultaneously. The strip tease comes off as a little disinterested but the clip is worth downloading for the beautiful location alone. She has the physical assets that alone give this clip considerable merit. Her final pose sitting backwards on the chair is really awesome with her gorgeous ass hanging out over the edge of the chair and hovering over your face.

Dry as you Might. 11:16

This dildo masturbation scene is a bit awkward as Satin was not interested in using any lubrication so she is a little too dry and there's some fumbling around as she seems to not find her position so comfortable. Though it's not a recommended video it's here for those that really want to see it anyways. Her "climax" position lying back with her knees up is actually very nice with some somewhat enthused action.

You Coming or Going? 2:46

Satin's great ass calls for a little bit of walking around to show off her beautiful curves in motion. It's a brief clip mostly with full body views and one close up view following behind her wiggling ass.