536 Marlena

537 Jinx Maze

538 Lexa, Kala & Caprice

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Jinx has a little extra meat on her bones making her height to weight ratio a bit heavier than our usual models and yet she is very nicely toned with no flab at all.

Scene 1

A Maze'n Walkways. 1:55

This brief little intro shows Jinx just casually walking up the stairs and through a modern walkway wearing her tight red dress with pantyhose.

Hose Place? 11:28

There's some nice pantyhose tease at the beginning of this video as we take time to inspect the snug fit of her dress and pantyhose around her full figured curves. Before long she is naked and she does some excellent butt spreading and ass wobbling. She gets her vagina spread wide open while standing over your face and she also does some very pronounced anus winking.

Smear Campaign. 3:57

Jinx sits on top of a glass table and we get the very sexy underside view inspecting how her pussy and ass flatten against the glass while she squirms and rocks back and forth. Her pussy juice gets all smeared on the table as her pussy lips press against the glass. This is certainly one of the more unusual perspectives you will ever see giving you some idea what a girl's pussy and ass look like when she sits on a hard surface.

Hidden Valley Raunch Dressing. ITC Favorite 12:00

Jinx's real talents become quite obvious in this pretty hardcore anal scene. She bends over and easily gets four fingers stuffed deep up her ass. She even tries to get 5 fingers up her ass. Those who like the raunchy stuff will see a few snotty ass goobers when she takes her fingers out of her ass. She then progresses to a large rubber dildo with lots of lube and she easily stuffs the whole thing up her ass. She does some sexy ass wobbling with the dildo sticking out of her ass hands free. For most of this she poses bending over doggy style but then she turns onto her side and she pounds the dildo deep into her ass with enthusiasm. At the end there's some very pronounced anus winking action while she lies on her side.