530 Nikita

531 Lexa

532 Mallory Rae Murphy

Shoot Location: Banff National Park, Canada

Camera stabilization is not up to our usual standard in this video as the vehicle is in motion literally through this whole video though we felt this was a small price for a very unique set that is completely uncommon in other adult videos. Through the whole video you see beautiful mountain scenery and trees and cars whizzing by outside the windows.

Scene 1

Canadian Rocky Mound ends. 20:34

Lexa has a quick stroll beside a beautiful mountain lake before proceeding to the vehicle. She does a little strip tease in the back seat of the car stripping down to her lingerie. She soon climbs into the back of the car and makes herself a make shift bed where she teases with the tiny thong barely covering anything in her crack. Then naked, there's lots of rolling around on the red comforter with plenty revealing positions showing her curvy undercarriage out in the open. There's a few light hearted giggly moments though the content is mostly lots of nude pussy and ass ogling.

Toy Guide from Hill. 11:14

Lexa does some masturbation action with a blue rubber dildo with positions lying on her back and on her side. There's probably no real orgasm in this scene due to the fact it's not her favourite type of toy, yet it still provides some nice penetration action.

Vehicular Bum inside. 5:27

We take some time to just ogle Lexa's famous rear end while she poses lying on her front and side. There's a little bit of spreading involved and lots beautiful close up viewing in her gorgeous crack.