524 Niky

525 Renee Perez

526 Susan

Shoot Location: Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Scene 1

Is Atoll you got? ITC Favorite 36:09

Location is everything in this amazing video. The scene is on a very remote sand bar quite literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and possibly 100 miles from the next nearest person. The location is like something out of National Geographic with multiple amazing shades of blue colors. Image stabilization is not quite to our usual standard as we are often walking with the camera hand held, though this is soon forgotten about. Renee's playful personality shines throughout this video as she clearly enjoys the surroundings and plays in the sand and water. She does multiple back flips and lots of crawling around both on the sand and in the water. Renee's activities seem to attract a lot of small fish all around her for a short while. There's a small segment of close up underwater views showing her pussy lips flapping in the current. There's no shortage of sandy ass and open legs views interspersed between all of her frolicking around. Towards the end Renee takes a dip in the deeper water where her charming character shines and the water color is almost surreal.

If you can't take Tahiti then Clit your Bitch'n. 6:34

Renee plants herself on the sand bar and leans back for a little bit of finger masturbation action. Her hand moves so fast that it becomes a blur and her thighs shake and quiver uncontrollably. After the masturbation she goes back into the water one more time to rinse the sand off and have a quick swim around. There's a little bit of playful banter and goofiness at the end.

Master Bait. 8:15

This clip has absolutely nothing to do with the model at all though we are showing it because it is very interesting as our polynesian guide shows us how to catch a shark with a lasso. There's are some fascinating techniques used and a lot of excitement as the shark is caught and later released. Three of our models and some film crew are seen in the video petting the shark and posing for pictures. This was never shot for the purpose of website release and as such it has a more amateur feel with less professional camera handling and a lot of wind noise.