520 Sadie West

521 Gracie Glam

522 Lexa

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Show me the Green. 14:58

This strip tease starts with some beautiful up skirt views both front and back with Gracie's sexy turquoise green panties showing underneath. Then with her skirt and top gone the main focus is on her beautiful lacy panties with lots of different angles to ogle her panties. You often see her face in the mirror while simultaneously inspecting the fit of her panties up close. This clip has some of the best panty teasing we have shot to date with a very pretty pair of panties.

A Leg up on the Cunt Partition. 12:28

After a bit of playful naked ass spreading Gracie raises one foot up on the counter top and gives you some even more revealing ass spreading. She also turns to the front to show off her pussy while standing with one leg raised. In the second half she kneels on the ottoman squatting her big juicy ass in your face with some nice groping and wobbly butt action. The clip ends with a bit of pussy and ass squirming in your face in a crab walk position.

Tool on a Stool. 9:00

Gracie uses an unusual plug in vibrator that looks a bit like an electric tooth brush. She hangs her ass off the edge of the ottoman and just jams the vibrating head against her clitoris. You eventually see a small hint of pussy juice at the entrance to her vagina and she gets all quivery as she reaches her orgasm. After cumming she continues to tease her sensitive clitoris twitching as it makes contact.

Glitter up the Shitter. 8:21

Gracie gets a very unusual and revealing position for this anal scene with her head on the floor and her ass up on the ottoman with her legs wide open and everything out in the open for ogling. She uses a small glittery toy to dabble up her ass hole, though some of the best views are with the toy out. She later turns onto her front and poses with the toy sticking out of her ass like a little flag pole.

Scene 2

That's Gracie Talk. 18:25

This all encompassing clip covers everything from strip tease to spread pussy and ass to masturbation with a vibrating toy. Gracie's potty mouth kicks in with lots of porno style dirty talk throughout most of this clip. Most of the masturbation action happens with Gracie hanging her ass off the edge of the chair. This was shot on a different day to the above clips without the professional make up with a slightly more amateur feel.