518 Lexi Bloom

519 Natali Blond

520 Sadie West

Shoot Location: Positano, Italy

Natali tends to be a bit expressionless most of the time though she has some other really nice features including a very large and prominent pussy with big meaty lips. There is the background ambient sound of rain throughout from the open door behind our camera position.

Scene 1

A Bitch'n Kitchen. 12:46

Much of this strip tease focuses on the tight little white shorts that Natali wears in the first part of this clip. You get a pretty thorough inspection of the fit of her shorts before they come off. The latter portions of the clip have a very nice introduction to her bare pussy and ass with the panties pulled aside.

A Mound and Ass Setting. 15:27

This clip has non stop naked pussy and ass ogling with many compromising positions exposing her underside to the maximum. She poses on top of the table first squatting with her ass hanging over the edge of the table and then leaning on her side with her bare pussy and ass projecting out to your view. Her doggy style and crab walk poses also get her pretty bits out in the open nicely. The final pose has Natali lying on her front with her legs wide open for some great up the ass views. This is a great pussy and ass ogling video especially for this that like big pussies with long thick meaty pussy lips. The background sound of rain is quite prominent on the audio of this clip.

Wad a Meat Wallet. 10:29

The beautiful pussy and ass ogling continues through this masturbation scene with the addition of a green vibrator. There's a substantial segment of humping action as Natali squats backwards on the edge of the table giving you a great view from underneath.