516 Jessica Rox

517 Caprice

518 Lexi Bloom

Shoot Location: Positano, Italy

Scene 1

Tight Tit Tease. 7:30

Caprice has some of the most perfect youthful breasts we have ever shot and we spend this entire clip just admiring the tight jiggles of her tits with their flawless skin. Her bend over position in the last part allows her tits to dangle freely with lots of beautiful jiggles as she brushes her hands over them.

Heaven Teen minutes and Flirty seconds. 17:30

Caprice wears her panties on backwards so the crotch lining is out of the way and you can see her pussy lips right through the panties. After a quick panty tease she gets completely naked and just shows off her bare pussy and ass in various positions for the rest of this clip. You see her standing over the camera both in front and rear views while keeping her hands away for unimpeded views. She then gets on the bed and bares her underside to your face while bending over and lying on her side. She ends up on her back with legs up and everything spread open. There's a beautiful close up view of bulging pussy lips pressed together and then spread apart. This clip is virtually all non stop pussy and ass ogling from start to finish.

Foot Loose and Fans See Free. 5:42

This brief interlude is specifically for the foot fetish people. Caprice takes off her shoes and spends most of the time just wiggling her toes around in your face. Her toe nails are nicely groomed and you often see her pussy and face in the background of the picture.

She's Fuckin Up Tight. 9:21

Caprice masturbates with a small vibrating dildo in several positions. The toy is pretty quite so you don't really hear the vibrating. Her positions lying on her side and front give some nice views of her girlie places. She ends up on her back to bring the action to a climax with the toy rubbing against her pussy.

Holed it Right There. 2:44

Caprice lies on her back with her knees up and her hands wrapped around her butt to spread her pussy open as much as she can. She gets a couple of fingers in the entrance of her vagina and pries it open for the close up inspection. Her pussy is pretty tight and doesn't open so wide but it is still a pretty view none the less.