509 Hayden Winters

510 Kala Ferard

511 Marlena

Shoot Location: Positano, Italy

Scene 1

Regally Seductive. 19:56

This strip tease video has an obvious elegance with the opulent dining room setting and Kala's matching dress and classy updo hair style. The strip tease is slow and sensual. After she gets naked she spends some time standing over you both front and rear sides just slowly moving around to display her bare underside. She later poses on top of the table in various positions. There are a lot of nude views although it is not particularly explicit.

Warning: Voilets and Nudity. 10:49

Kala uses a rather sophisticated looking vibrator in this masturbation scene while posing on top of the table. Fans of pussy farts will get an earful when she turns around to change positions. Unlike most models you can actually see Kala's eyes roll back in her head while she masturbates. After she moves to lie on her back you get a few open vagina gapes between strokes of the toy as she sometimes pulls it all the way out. With all things being meticulously selected and color coordinated, the flowers on the table and Kala's dress and the toy she uses are all the exact same violet color.

Cavity Surge. 5:09

Kala stays lying on her back with her knees up and just shows a bunch of open vagina gaping. With two fingers prying open her pussy she continually flexes her pussy muscles making her vagina gape open and closed. If you turn up the volume you will hear her vagina walls making gooey noises as they repeatedly unstick from each other.