503 Bridget

504 Debbie White

505 Valerie Rios

Shoot Location: Great Camanoe, British Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Bow Wow. 12:55

Debbie looks great doing her strip tease on the bow of the boat but you might be distracted with admiring the beautiful tranquil waters and colors in the background. After she is naked she sits over the railing on the bow with her bare ass hanging in mid air. The reminder of the clip is mostly all pussy and ass ogling and some full body views with Debbie lying on the bow of the boat.

The Star Bored Sighed. 6:12

Debbie lies flat on her back with her knees up and open wide exposing her pussy to the elements while she masturbates. She then moves to sit right on the edge with her pussy hovering over your face. There are no toys involved and you probably wont be convinced of any orgasm but the perspectives and ambience are really nice.

A Pour'n Shoot. 4:35

Debbie pours several bottles of water all down her body while standing on the bow of the boat. With the aid of an off camera assistant we get the water all streaming down her butt crack and there's plenty of really nice spread ass views.