493 Karlie Montana

494 Tia Cyrus

495 Susan

Shoot Location: Malibu, California

Scene 1

Scanty Cyrus Remove all Soft Wear. 9:52

This video starts out with a bit of bad acting but we soon get distracted with looking at her beautiful rear end in her micro shorts while she lies on her front. She then stands up and teases you with her butt cheeks half hanging out the bottom of her shorts. The focus briefly turns to titties when she takes her top off and the clip ends with some very nice bottomless nudity. The lighting is quite beautiful under the cloudless clear blue sky with vibrant colours filling your screen.

Booty Ray Cyrus. 4:24

Tia gets on her front with her ass up letting the sun fill her naked butt crack. She then squats backwards with her ass hanging in mid air off the edge of the chair. The low angle perspective gives you an excellent look up her pussy and ass while she spreads everything open.

Stick in Pink n' Stink. 11:49

Tia relaxes on the chair with her favourite skinny vibrating toy. After starting lying back she turns onto her side in an excellent position to show all her girlie bits. Later while bending over on her knees she dabbles the toy up her ass. There's not a whole lot of action so best to watch this just for the visuals.

Wet and Wanderful. 3:02

Tia takes a quick dip in the pool. It pretty brief though there is a quick bend over pose with her dripping wet ass on display. You also see her walking beside the pool both at the beginning and end of the clip.