490 Sophia Sutra

491 Renee Perez

492 Anastasia

Shoot Location: Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Scene 1

Yellow Dolly. 13:12

The rich Polynesian bathroom setting is perfectly complimented with the vision of our beautiful Renee Perez in her bright yellow lingerie. It doesn't take long before we go down under her ass to take in the up skirt view with only a tiny thong in her ass crack. She then sits up on the counter top and teasingly moves her legs around in the air as she removes her panties. There's some excellent low angle views as Renee sits with her pussy hanging out over the edge of the counter top. She then stands up to give some fantastic spread pussy and ass views before stripping off the rest of her lingerie.

Go Flora Shower. ITC Favorite 14:04

This is quite an exotic kind of shower setting with tropical plants and rich woods everywhere. Renee blends right in with her exotic looks, sweet smiles and beautiful eye content. Her motion is extra smooth and elegant as she soaps up her body and shows off her sudsy girlie bits. She even gets her hair all wet and we get some sexy hair shampooing action. There are a number of really stunning low angle views as she rinses off her hair and lets all the shampoo suds run down over her pussy and ass. The rear view is especially outstanding as she sits on a log with her butt projecting out over the edge while the suds run down her back and through her ass crack. In this same position she also reaches behind with two hands to spread her pussy wide open.

Here Cums Tremble. ITC Favorite 9:05

Renee sits on the log chair in the shower and uses a vibrator on her clitoris and sometimes uses a glass dildo inside her pussy at the same time. The low angle views are quite fantastic with the pussy action close by and her face in the background. Renee quivers and trembles quite unlike any other model and has plenty of reactions to the vibrations on her clitoris. Her vagina naturally hangs open and sometimes seems like it might thrust itself inside out as she pushes for an orgasm.