484 Angel Cummings

485 Miko Sinz

486 Kala Ferard

Shoot Location: Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Scene 1

Hut and Sweaty. 18:28

This video features an exotic girl in an exotic location as Miko poses both in the open doorway and on the bed in her Polynesian style house. There's a fair amount of wind, tree and surf noise on this somewhat blustery day though it adds some atmospheric ambience to the scene. You will be captivated with her beautiful exotic face and long silky hair. Her poses are all very elegant and classy and yet progressively more revealing as the scene goes on. With the heat and humidity of this location you can see her skin is often glistening with a little bit of sweat. There's lot's of bend over posing and some pussy lip spreading near the end.

Knob Buddy Around. 10:42

Miko uses a knobby vibrating toy on her pussy, mostly just dabbling the end of it on her clitoris but sometimes sinking it into her pussy. She has some nice reactions to the toy although the orgasm, if there is one, is not so obvious.

I'm Wading, are you Cumming? 7:29

We see Miko sitting on the bed as she ties her hair up on top of her head. We then watch as she goes outside to explore in the waters edge. Her little mini adventure in the light rain has lots of talking and casual commentary as she splashes water on herself, tries to pick up a sea cucumber, writes in the sand and uses a leaf as a bikini. There's nothing explicit about this clip as it's more about the location and genuine personality.