481 Rebeca Linares

482 Brandy Smile

483 Tiffany Tyler

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

The pictures and video in this set are shot from different perspectives to each other due to changing lighting conditions.

Scene 1

White you Lookin' at? 8:39

Brandy wears all white in this strip tease video and it gives her a super clean and pristine look. She poses against a great view over the island and also with the backdrop of a beautiful pool. Her panties are so pure white that you might think they have never been worn before or else she is one super clean girl. There is a small segment with the panties pulled out of her ass crack to give a sneak peak at her naked girlie parts but otherwise this clip is fairly mild with just posing and undressing.

Squats up. 8:32

This clip is all naked posing with Brandy's beautiful pussy and ass on display in multiple positions. The best portion of this has Brandy kneeling backwards on the chair for some excellent bend over posing and also squatting her flawless ass down into your face. You have the enviable position of being directly underneath her to look up her ass as it hovers over your face.

Smile you're on Cunt Did Camera. 7:08

Brandy leans back in the chair with her knees back to use a deep blue rubber dildo. The lighting conditions are perhaps a little less than ideal with deep shadows in unfortunate places though we correct this part way through.

Feeling Lipsy on Brandy. 3:57

With the toy now gone Brandy just fiddles with her pussy lips and spreads her pussy open. There's not a lot of very deep pussy views but there are some very detailed and close up views with the exterior portion of her pussy held open.

Bay Watch. ITC Favorite 2:36

If you like seeing a beautiful girl posed against a beautiful backdrop this clip will be perfect for you. Brandy poses in the gazebo with an amazing view of the St Thomas town of Charlotte Amalie in the background. For a little while she lifts one knee up on the railing giving a very nice look at her flawless undercarriage. This clip is as much about the amazing view as it is about the girl.