473 Justine Joli

474 Gracie Glam

475 Bailey

Shoot Location: Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Scene 1

Playing Kiss m' Ass Corals. 21:09

We follow Gracie as she explores around the surreal landscape of dead petrified coral formations of Rangiroa. Considering these rocks are very sharp and dangerous we didn't exactly venture too far but she soon gets distracted with showing off her body for you. Her playful personality is quite evident as she talks to you with random babble throughout while she explores around and strips off her bikini. After she gets naked there's a nice segment of ass wobbling while she bends over on her knees with her butt sticking up out of the water. There follows another segment of ass spreading and butt wobbling while standing up.

Surreal Clit Hanger. 8:30

Gracie sits on a piece of driftwood to play with her pussy. She is virtually sitting on top of you with her pussy hanging in mid air. You get some nice clitoris views as she flicks her clit with her finger tip before she rubs herself to a climax. At the end the mood becomes more like the first clip as she talks to you while she puts her bikini back on.