465 Amai Liu

466 Miko Sinz & Renee Perez

467 Britney Spring

Shoot Location: Rangiroa, French Polynesia

This scene is shot in the shallow water at the edge of a large lagoon quite literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Tropical sets simply don't get any more pristine than this. The colours and clarity of water, sky and picture are all really stunning.

Scene 1

Sea G'oils. ITC Favorite 21:41

This massage scene is one of a kind as the girls do it while lying in 3 inch deep water with little waves slashing up between open legs. The scene has lots of personality with the two girls talking to each other quite a lot. There's really no acting in this as the girls come off very genuinely. There's some beautiful glistening booty views with wet oiled skin framed against clear deep blue skies. The mood becomes increasingly more playful as the scene progresses with the girls rubbing oiled boobs and butts together. The last view is a fantastic low angle perspective looking straight up two glistening squirming asses from water level as they rub their butts together and squirm against each other.

Atoll Hit Lures Bonker. ITC Favorite 4:09

We let complete playfulness and goofiness take over here as the girls break into a play fight and show off all their best wrestling moves. It's perhaps a refreshing change for those that like to see girls just having fun.

Loser Licks Ass. ITC Favorite 7:26

The girls have a little crawling competition / race where the loser has to lick the other girl's ass. It's not much of a competition but you do see them running through the shallow water. The mood is still very playful even when it gets to the ass licking. As it turns out even the winner ends up licking ass so you see the action both ways. There's not so much serious ass eating or close up views due to the splashing waves but it's no less entertaining as this is more about the personality and playfulness.

Synchronized Slimmers. 3:17

The girls do a bit of synchronized exercising in the shallow water. There's some leg stretching with pussies getting exposed in unison as well as butts jacking up and down out of the water.