452 Lexi Belle

453 Gracie Glam

454 Blue Angel

Shoot Location: Rangiroa, French Polynesia

We went to one of the most remote places on the planet for this fabulous location 30 km from the next nearest neighbour, 70 km from the nearest settlement and 6000 km from the nearest continental land mass! It is a place where you can literally not see a single other person or boat for an entire week. There are still some completely virgin and unspoiled places left on this planet!

Scene 1

No People Atoll. 15:20

This video opens with Gracie leisurely strolling down the beach and then gradually stripping off her pink bikini. After a bit of quiet posing she becomes more talkative and chats randomly through the rest of the video. There's a brief bit of nude pussy and ass spreading near the end of this clip. You will be torn about whether to ogle the beautiful girl or the beautiful location.

Water Bobble. 8:11

The mood is quite playful at the beginning of this clip as Gracie jumps around and frolics on the beach before going into the water. She gets on her knees in the water with her big wobbly ass sticking up out of the water and bouncing all over the place.

Goodness Gracie Ass. 8:14

Now out of the water we watch Gracie's ass in motion as she walks down the beach. She stops to sit and get a patch of sand on her ass before walking down the beach some more. She then wanders back into the water and we follow her as she explores the surroundings. There's a little bit of Tahitian dance moves and she also pauses to spread her ass in your face a couple of times.

Remote Cunt Roll. 7:25

Gracie sits on the beach right at the edge of the water for a little pussy fiddling and finger masturbation. The close up view is especially nice with the shallow water lapping around her ass as she rubs her pussy. There is unfortunately a bit of a focus issue around the critical moment of climax though the rest of the clip is crisp and beautiful. The final close up view is really nice as she scoops water over her coochie making sexy little streams that sparkle in the sun.

Tahiti Rap. 2:29

There's a little bit of live music in this clip as Gracie dances Tahitian style to the sound of the local Polynesian guide with his ukulele. She's not exactly a pro with this kind of dancing but she fakes it all in good humour.