446 Peaches

447 Miko Sinz

448 Tiffany Tyler

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

A Liquid Asian of Assets. ITC Favorite 22:49

This rather long video clip has extensive footage of the lovely Miko Sinz just frolicking around in the beautiful calm waters of St Thomas. She wears her colourful bikini for the first few minutes but then it's all nude posing from then on. You go right in the water with her as she goes as far as shoulder depth. The clarity and perspectives will make you feel like you are right there with her. We took some risks with the camera to get the right shots getting it right up close her her pussy and ass in the waves. The lens gets wet a few times though we soon cleaned it off. The mood is ultra calm and soothing with the sound of small waves as you watch the beautiful girl showing off her gorgeous body with many different poses. Some of the bend over posing in the deeper water is really beautiful with her bare ass framed by beautiful azure water.

Cum in Tide. 9:53

Miko lies back on a beach towel to masturbate right in the edge of the tiny waves. Several times she scoops up water with her hand to sprinkle it down her pussy. She has a full scale finger masturbation session with the small waves often flowing in under her ass.

Whatever Floats your Butt. 4:21

Miko goes back into the water to float around in the waves again. Our attention is focused squarely on her ass for most of it as she walks on her hands with her butt floating in the water. She also poses on her knees with her ass sticking up out of the water.