440 Nesty

441 Renee Perez

442 Antonya

Shoot Location: Rangiroa, French Polynesia

This video is the first in a series of shoots we did in a super exotic and super remote atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The model and the action may be nice but the location is everything for this exotic set with the secrete hideaway tucked in amongst the proverbial coconut grove at the lagoon waters edge.

Scene 1

Under the Coconut Tease. 7:52

Renee uses a coconut tree trunk almost like a dance pole as she does her strip tease peeling out of her brown bikini. The up shots are quite exotic as she spreads her pussy open with the coconut tree branches framing her ass in the background. She soon moves to the couch and continues to pose fully nude with some boob fondling and some excellent bend over pussy spreading. The colors on her skin are golden due to the late afternoon sun.

Lust on a Friggin' Island. 10:57

Renee's masturbation starts with just fingers rubbing her pussy but she soon progresses to her vibrating wand. She buzzes her pussy to an orgasm while lying on her back and then moves to lie on her side and then bending over with her ass in the air for another orgasm. She finishes it with another orgasm while standing against the coconut tree. You see all the action from underneath as she twitches and reacts to the vibrations.

Reflections of de Light. ITC Favorite 6:31

Renee has a leisurely dip in the shallow water at the lagoon's edge with some sexy crawling and rolling around. It's not particularly graphic though there are some nice ass up and spread ass views. This clip will be of special interest to photographers and those with special appreciation for lighting conditions as it is shot during the "golden hour" with beautiful late afternoon golden sun light and reflected light. Even the occasional lens flares are interesting.