438 Valerie Rios

439 Lexa

440 Nesty

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Ass Parade. 14:07

This entire clip is dedicated to the subject sexy walking with Lexa repeatedly strolling back and forth like a catwalk both outdoors and indoors at a monstrous Beverley Hills mansion. She works her wiggle first outdoors beside the pool and then indoors in a long hallway. There are a couple of times that we follow close behind her wiggling ass watching the curves undulating in detail, though the majority of this clip is shot in full body view zooming in from a distance.

Luxury Ass Surroundings. 8:08

There's some nice close up face shots to start this clip before our attention drifts down to soak in Lexa's amazing voluptuous ass for the remaining bulk of the clip. She does some beautiful ass jiggling with her hands flicking her butt cheeks making them bounce like tight jello. She then bends over on her knees to show off her sexy ass involving lots of spreading with her vagina opening up and all her pretty bits out in the open.

Slit up Straight. 3:03

Lexa goes completely upside down in the chair with her legs in the air and her butt against the back of the chair. With the assistance of gravity her vagina opens right up and we look straight down her gaping opening from above at super close up range.

Small Buzzness Moaner. 13:41

Lexa uses a tiny lipstick shaped vibrating toy to get her pussy excited. The action starts out relatively mild with occasional twitching as she concentrates on the sensations. Orgasmic moaning comes in sudden bursts several times throughout the video. Several times you can see her tiny clitoris poking out as she peels the hood back and dabbles the vibrator on it. She seems quite breathless at the end of it after several apparently real orgasms.

Chill out. ITC Favorite 0:25

This is just a very brief outtake from the "Ass Parade" clip above that didn't really fit with that footage. Lexa's endearing personality is apparent as she wears her coat and shivers in what she thinks is cold weather. We see her walking while wearing her coat on her upper body yet completely naked from the waist down which seems to make it all that much more sexy.