434 Justine Joli

435 Debbie White

436 Karlie Montana

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

The Opening Act. 19:28

This scene starts with Debbie posing briefly in front of a beautiful, albeit hazy, view of St Thomas Harbor. She soon moves onto the patio and her dress comes up almost right away to show off her pantyless underside. The dress comes off very quickly and she poses her gorgeous body fully nude for the great majority of this clip. There are a number of very nice poses that show off her fantastic curves as well as a multitude of excellent pussy spreads. She spends quite a long time lying on her front with two hands wrapped around behind her ass to spread her vagina wide open. She also does similar spreading while lying on her side with her beautiful ass curves bulging in your face and all her gaping private parts out in the open.

Grape Seats in the Cunt Row. 6:34

Debbie's initial pose here sitting on her feet shows off some of her best assets including her fantastic posture and curves with her narrow waist flowing into a nice big ass. She soon turns to lie on her back and starts playing with some grapes. Every grape takes a little tour through her slit and ass crack before she eats them. The clip ends with an excellent pose as Debbie lies on her side with one leg slightly raised to show off her beautiful curvy underside.

Inner Mission. ITC Favorite 12:31

Debbie gets into some masturbation action with a small vibrating toy, though she doesn't turn on the vibrations right away. She takes it quite slow for a while just gently dabbling the toy inside her pussy which is actually much more appealing than it sounds as she does it very sensually with outstanding open pussy views as she takes the toy out and dabbles her clit with it. She later turns onto her front with her legs spread and she rubs the vibrating toy on her clitoris while you gaze up her ass. She ends up lying back against the chair with her ass hanging in mid air and the pace picks up considerably. The excitement becomes quite obvious as she develops a beautiful puddle of creamy girlie juice that flows out of her vagina and smears around her opening. At the end she gets her fingers gooey as she briefly pries open her vagina.

A Standing Ovulation. 3:00

This clip has Debbie just posing and walking around nude in front of the view of St Thomas Harbor with the cruise ships in the background. There is nothing explicit about this footage as we only aimed to display her fantastic figure in motion. The side views demonstrate her amazing posture with a natural arch in her back.