432 Tuesday Cross

433 Isis Taylor

434 Justine Joli

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

9021Ho. 12:15

Isis makes her entrance strolling along the side of the pool in her tight fitting black skirt with her rather full curves bulging prominently. She strips standing beside the pool and is fully nude for the latter half of this clip with her hefty bits often flapping around as she jiggles her junk top and bottom. The setting is perhaps even more stunning than the girl with brilliant blue cloudless skies over the opulent Beverley Hills mansion. One might easily imagine that she is a famous Hollywood star relaxing in the spoils of her labor. Isis is a real feast for those who like the voluptuous curves and a little extra meat on the bones.

The Heavily Hills. 7:05

Isis moves onto a reclining chair on the lawn and strikes several poses to show off her pussy and ass with everything out in the open. Her pose lying on her side is especially nice with her big round ass spread open and bulging prominently in the foreground. She then gets on her knees with her ass in the air and she dribbles some lubrication down her crack making everything glisten in the sun. There's a substantial section of ass wobbling action with her monster curves flailing around in the air.

Cum to Mansion it. 13:44

Isis lies back on the chair with her legs spread as she begins masturbating. The action starts pretty slowly with some light pussy fondling and then progresses with a white vibrating toy. 5 minutes in she turns onto her side and spreads her ass while dabbling the vibrator in her pussy and on her clitoris. It's a great pose for showing her big round curves with her naughty bits out in the open. She changes to doggy style for a short while and just lightly dabbles the toy on her pussy before finishing it lying on her back again. The video ends with some spread open pussy shots as Isis uses a few fingers to pry it open.