429 Sasha Rose

430 Miko Sinz & Aleksa

431 Melanie Rios

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Miko and Aleksa may seem to be a bit of an unusual pair because Miko is very talkative and Aleksa hardly speaks any English. The brilliant blue colors of the sky and water are quite stunning throughout this video.

Scene 1

The Privates of the Caribbean. 22:27

Miko and Aleksa pose on the bow of the boat and take turns spraying each other with a spray bottle. Unfortunately we were downwind of the spray in the first few minutes but any spots on the lens evaporate really quickly. The action progresses from lots of pussy and ass spraying to lots of pussy and as licking. We can't say that it's the most convincing lesbian action ever although the eye candy and surrounding environment are really beautiful.

I must be Streaming. 5:29

This is a perfect clip for anyone who likes seeing water streaming through ass cracks and pussy slits. The girls take turns cooling their cracks by pouring bottles of water down each other's asses. The close up view in the ass cracks is quite mesmerizing with the glistening stream flowing directly over ass holes and pussy lips.

The Dip Sea Chicks. 3:51

After sun tanning on the back of the boat the girls start splashing water on their asses and then they go for a quick swim in the water. The mood turns a little more playful as they jump off the boat. There's a really nice shot of the girls climbing the ladder out of the water and looking extra sexy.

Land a Ho. 8:38

This clip features Miko alone just posing nude on the bow of the boat while the boat is in motion. The picture is of course a little less stable than usual due to the speed of the boat although it is a lot more stable than one would expect for the circumstances and very watchable. There is a variety of standing poses and crawling and rolling around in all positions. There is a brief but nice close up view in her girlie bits as she spreads it all while lying on her front. The clip otherwise features all full body poses taking in the passing panorama of breathtaking scenery all the while.