423 Capri Anderson

424 Nikita

425 Madison Parker

Shoot Location: Culebrita, Puerto Rico

These video clips are inthecrack favourites partly because Nikita is looking great but perhaps even more so on the strength of the fantastic location with gorgeous water and amazing blue colors.

Scene 1

Nikita Cool-a-brita. ITC Favorite 20:16

Nikita spends some time just wandering on the beach and frolicking in the spectacular calm blue water. The colors and clarity make this scene seem surreal and you will almost feel like you are right there with her. Much of this clip is quite softcore though there's no shortage of great up the ass views as she crawls down the beach and poses doggy style. We took some chances with the camera to get the right shots which means the lens got splashed a few times though any spots on the lens do not last for long. There's some beautiful bend over ass spreading in the latter portions of this clip.

Crab's eye View. ITC Favorite 5:26

Nikita has a little finger masturbation session while lying back literally right at the water's edge with tiny waves sometimes lapping around her ass and sand caked on parts of her ass. It's a brilliant combination of beautiful shapely pussy and ass with an amazing location in vibrant colors and clarity. Her masturbation is quite brief with moderate action though you'll be more stunned with the scenery in both the foreground and the background.

A Beached Tail. ITC Favorite 4:46

Nikita goes for one more frolic in the water though this time deliberately showing off her ass floating around in the water as it bobs up and down. She gets her ass up high in doggy style to show all of her prettiest places glistening in the sun light and then goes down on her front with the waves lapping around her ass. Once again the water looks quite amazing.