421 Shalina Devine

422 Lexa

423 Capri Anderson

Shoot Location: Banff, Canada

Scene 1

Flame 'n Hose. 30:40

This gigantic video clip extends teasing to a whole new level with half an hour of footage to thoroughly saturate your brain in Lexa's silky pantyhose and amazing curves. For 30 minutes her pantyhose do not come off and yet you are treated to tons of pussy and ass views because the crotch has no lining and is completely see through. Despite there being no actual bottomless nudity you are really looking at the details of her pussy and ass through the great majority of this clip. The pantyhose fit amazingly well around her ass and pussy with the fabric completely snug around the bulge of her pussy lips. The crackling fire in the background adds some nice ambience to the scene.

Hose Down for this? ITC Favorite 15:27

Lexa pulls her pantyhose down to show off her bare pussy and ass though for the longest time the pantyhose remain just around her thighs. Her beautiful voluptuous ass is set free to jiggle at will and we see some fantastic pussy and ass spreading mixed in with the booty bouncing. In the second half she moves onto the couch and shows a stunningly beautiful pose lying on her side with her super round ass bulging in front of your face. It's the best of everything all in one pose with the pantyhose still teasing on her legs, the pose enhancing her ass curves to the maximum and her private places bulging out prominently in the middle of it all.

Pretty Cheeky Ass Pose. 4:28

With the pantyhose now gone we focus in on her bare ass for a little while as she squirms it around while lying on her front. There's a very nice close up view right in her ass crack with the depth of her valley quite evident as her substantial ass mounds surround your face.

Grind Control to Major Dong. 15:19

Lexa mounts and rides a suction dildo that is stuck to the corner of a small table with the perfect height for her to squirm her ass right over your face. The views are truly beautiful as she rides right up the shaft and spreads her pussy with two hands from behind as she come right off the dildo. The action is somewhat cautious at the beginning and gradually becomes more an more enthusiastic with her squirming motion becoming quite intoxicating. Near the end she sits all the way down as far as she can on the dildo until her pussy lips wrap around the balls of the dildo. There's not too many face views in this clip except for the beginning and the end because we spend almost all of it lodged under her ass soaking in the explicit details of her private places. She has a very nice smile for you at the end.