417 Bianca Golden

418 Lola & Nataly

419 August

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Tropical Pair o' Nice Girls. 10:39

There's a brief look at the fantastic view over the tropical bay and then the attention turns to Lola as she does a little strip tease with Nataly looking on. Lola shows some very nice spread ass views and then Nataly joins in and Lola strips her down. The girls show some spread ass poses and then we see Nataly licking and sucking on Lola's nipples. The clip ends with a great close up shot with the girls sensually kissing each other on the lips.

She Licks Lola a Lot. 17:27

This title pretty much sums of the entire content of this clip as Lola lies back on the chair and gets an extensive pussy and ass licking. The main attention is on the pussy at first but then Lola turns around and gets a thorough ass licking. The action eventually comes to a climax with Nataly's fingers frigging Lola's Clitoris and her tongue squirming up her ass hole at the same time.

Ass Lick Move. 4:44

This clip is an ass licking encore but with a little bit different mood as Lola just lies on her front to get a slow and sensual ass licking with Nataly's tongue traveling all over her ass and up and down her ass crack. There is no moaning though Lola is clearly enjoying a good relaxing ass licking as she wears a big smile on her face.

Two Butt Holes of Milk. 2:35

The girls take turns pouring a jug of milk down each other's butt cracks while posing in doggy style. You see a very pretty stream of milk flowing down through the ass cracks and over their slits. The scene was cut a bit short as a rain storm blew in at the end of this clip.