403 Zara

404 Amia Moretti

405 Marlena

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Enjoy a Moretti Bare. 9:14

We take our time to thoroughly inspect Amia's zebra print panties with both front and back views and some underneath views. She is really quite slim and yet she has some nice curves in the important places. With her top pulled up over her boobs you can see her small but flawless little titties at the same time. Then we move in close to ogle her youthful tits while she fondles them.

X Teen Close ups. 6:54

Amia leans back in the chair with her legs up and we have a close up inspection of her private bits while she fiddles with them. She tugs on her pussy lips distorting them in various ways and also squeezes them together making a pussy lip sandwich. Then she opens and close her legs making her pussy lips bulge and separate without hands. Finally we get an extreme close up view of her anus while she squeezes and flexes her ass hole muscle.

Spread Inspect a Side. 8:51

Amia moves to the couch to give a different perspective on her pussy and ass while she is lying on her side. There's some really excellent pussy and ass spreading in this position with all her curves and private places out in the open. There's a little bit of anus flexing sprinkled in from time to time and she frequently squirms her spread ass in your face. Towards the end she gets both hands wrapped around behind her ass to spread her pussy open and you have an outstanding view of her flexing anus, gaping pussy, and face between her legs all in one shot.

On the Slopes of Ass Skin. 5:19

This is all ass views with Amia lying on her front on the couch. Though she is slim she does have some nice defined shape in her silky smooth ass with interesting creases under her cheeks outlining her curves. There's lots of excellent close up ass crack ogling while Amia squeezes her butt cheeks and tickles her flawless anus.

The Pinker Tongues & the Bumdance Kid. 7:30

Amia remains lying on her front and uses a small vibrating tongue shaped toy on her pussy. The main attraction here is perhaps the great up the ass views and the moist pussy lips glistening in the light with crystal clarity. She gets a sexy little squirm going as she grinds her pussy against the toy. Her motions become more twitchy as she gets excited and reacts to the vibrations. We end with another excellent close up view right in her ass crack with her anus still squeezing in and out.