399 Isis Taylor

400 Lexa

401 Emy Reyes

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Watching Flirty Movies. 4:11

Lexa looks extra classy posing in her all black tube dress and pantyhose in front of the theatre screen. We move in close for some great close up face shots as she flirts with the camera as only Lexa can. Her dazzling bright blue eyes will go right through you accompanied by lots of super sweet smiles. She has surely the bluest most beautiful eyes you will ever see. Several times she become a little self conscious and giggles to herself in a rather cute way.

I can Sheer Clearly Now. ITC Favorite 16:03

We chose the most beautiful ass to put the often requested pantyhose on and she looks absolutely amazing in them. The see through sheer material and the glimmer of reflected light on her amazing ass will have your jaw on the floor. There's no crotch lining in these pantyhose so you can literally see everything through the shimmering material. The first part has lots of standing ass squirming and then she sits on the floor with her knees up while she opens and closes her legs and lifts her ass to squirm her private places in your face. There's a beautiful leg tease with Lexa lying back on the floor while she lightly brushes her legs against each other in the air. She wears a very beautiful and expensive pair of Italian designer shoes that exude class and opulence. After the shoes come off there's a little foot tease as she lightly brushes her feet together in front of the camera. She then poses on her front with her legs open before pulling the pantyhose down just under her ass for some great bend over views. The end view with Lexa lying on her back and her legs up with her pantyhose coming off is really gorgeous showing her naked pussy and ass prominently out in the open.

A Script Tease. 4:15

With Lexa still lying on her back we move in close to view her naked pussy and ass while she jacks it up and down. She soon stands up and removes the rest of her clothes and just poses naked for a couple of minutes. Lexa's close up ass spreading is amazing as usual.

Usher Blusher. 8:42

Lexa takes to the seats as the main show is about to begin. She uses a black and white vibrator first while bending over with her ass spread and then leaning back against the chair with her ass hanging in mid air. This scene was shot at the end of a long day so there are fleeting moments where she looks a little tired and her performance is affected somewhat yet she still manages a real orgasm at the end of it. The scene ends with another one of her beautiful smiles and a great pose sitting on the floor with her knees up.