392 Miko Sinz

393 Lexa

394 Betty Saint

Shoot Location: Banff, Canada

Apologies to pussy lovers as we thoroughly obsess over Lexa's amazing ass pretty much for the duration of this video. Perhaps too much so as her personality and face don't get so much attention but if you want to thoroughly soak your brains in a gorgeous ass then you are in the right place. Unfortunately the amazing mountain view out the window is overexposed and not so well seen in video due to lighting limitations.

Scene 1

The Rocking Mountains. 16:37

Lexa poses for a while in front of the window in her brown lingerie and then parks her mind bogglingly beautiful ass over your face for much of the remaining portion of the clip. There's a delicious panty tease with her thong going in and out of her ass crack. Her slow squirming motion is mesmerizing with spectacular ass curves flowing in all directions. Her panties come off and then there's a long sequence of beautiful ass spreads and some incredible ass jiggling. We get right up deep in her ass crack to experience the cheeks of heaven bouncing around your ears.

Lost in the Valley. ITC Favorite 15:56

Lexa gets on the bed and the amazing ass views continue while she lies on her front squirming her gorgeous rear end curves in your face. After a quick full body view showing her fantastic form we move in close and just gaze up her gorgeous ass crack for a long time. We literally get lost in her lovely ass crack with no intentions of leaving her most beautiful place while she slowly spreads it, wiggles it and manipulates it for your ogling pleasure. You can stare at her flawless anus for minutes on end or marvel at the amazing cures in her ass cheeks while she squirms it in your face. There's a nice segment where she caresses her anus with her fingernail. At the end she turns onto her side for another amazing perspective on her gorgeous curves.

A Lazy Tongue of a Bum. 8:35

Though Lexa is strictly a softcore model she decided to show you a little bit of anal insertion in this clip just because she likes us. This is literally the only place you will ever see anything entering her virgin ass hole. It's relatively mild with a small tongue shaped toy dabbling up her anus up to an inch deep. Don't think of this as any kind of anal masturbation because it's not so much of a passionate and arousing act for her but just a detailed display of anal dabbling for the purpose of visual enjoyment only. The pace remains slow and cautious with lots of beautiful ass views.

Suite Lips. 5:19

This clip begins with Lexa still lying on her front with her legs spread and showing off her squirming ass in full body and close up views. Before long she turns over you actually get to see her front side for the remainder of the video as she poses with her legs in the air and spreads her pussy. Her curves are amazing once more in this position with her legs up and together. There's some very nice close up pussy lip views and then it all ends with a gorgeous smile at the end.