388 Lea Lexis

389 Esmeralda & Debbie White

390 Asa Akira

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

All Hands on Dyke. 7:36

Esmeralda and Debbie spend some time just fondling each other, caressing butts and generally getting acquainted. They talk to each other a little bit though there's no real passion in any of this as you might get the impression they are just "going through the motions", at least for now. There's a couple of nice bottomless spread ass views near the end.

The Kitty Licker Box. 10:30

Debbie takes her dress off revealing her fantastic figure and bends over on her knees to get her pussy licked. She soon turns onto her back and we move in for some excellent close up pussy licking views. There's a few more positions to follow though the best of it has Debbie on her back getting her pussy eaten. You can clearly see her clitoris standing up and protruding prominently in the close up views.

Arse Lick Poise'n. 11:43

The girls change positions and now it's Esmeralda's turn for a good pussy and ass licking. She starts in a nice bend over position that shows the beautiful form of her underside though it is half obscured by Debbie as she licks her pussy. Esmeralda then turns onto her side and we get some fantastic views as the action turns to ass licking. Esmeralda later returns to the bend over position and Debbie continues tonging her ass from above while spreading her pussy open.

A Breathing Upper at Ass. 13:38

Both girls take their turn lying on their front to get their asses thoroughly worshipped and eaten out. It takes a leisurely pace with the butts getting our full attention for the duration while tongues slither through ass cracks and into ass holes and tender kisses are planted all over their spread asses. There's one especially outstanding close up view in Esmeralda's ass crack with Debbie's tongue flicking right in her anus.