375 Brandy Smile

376 Jana Jordan

377 Sasha Rose

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

The Garden Shed. 10:58

Jana poses next to the garden fountain wearing her pink shorts and top. There's a nice close up boob fondling segment followed by a little look at her shorts before they come off revealing her pink and yellow thong panties. In the close up panty shots you can see how thick her pussy lips are as she has a big bulge in her crotch. She soon starts tugging on her panties pulling the crotch right up between her massive lips and giving a sneak peek at her bits. At the end she moves to the chair and removes all of her remaining clothing to get naked.

Plump up the Volume. 3:57

Now naked Jana leans back in the chair with her legs up and just shows off her huge meaty pussy lips. These are surely amongst the thickest pussy lips we have ever shot and yet there are no hanging wrinkly meat curtains because it is all smooth and plump outer lips. She wraps her fingers around the lips squeezing them into huge bulging meaty sandwich. There's lots of beautiful close up views in this clip.

Giving you the Bums Up. 5:15

Jana poses now on her knees with her bare ass up in the air. Everything is super smooth and flawless in her gorgeous undercarriage. She sometimes squeezes her big pussy lips together making them bugle once again. Later she poses kneeling on one knee while you go directly underneath to watch her spread her cheeks apart.

Cum to the Meat and Beat. 10:17

Jana's masturbation scene starts with her lying on her front giving you a great view up her ass while she rubs her chunk pussy from underneath. She soon flips over onto her back to continue the pussy rubbing. Half way through she adds a pink vibrating dildo into the action which looks really good penetrating her pussy with her thick lips engulfing it. Towards the end she vigorously rubs the vibrator lengthwise through her pussy slit approaching an orgasm with her big pussy lips looking like thick smooth jelly pads flapping around the toy.

Most Beef Sandwich. 3:34

Jana just displays her huge pussy lips once again with some beautiful close up views. She uses a couple of fingers to pry it open with her lips bulging around her fingers. There is one extreme close up view right in the opening of her vagina.