373 Michelle Maylene

374 Lexa

375 Brandy Smile

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

This video features the most beautiful of models combined with the one of the most amazing shoot locations to produce some truly excellent footage. Lexa looked so good we just couldn't stop shooting her resulting in approximately triple the length of our usual videos.

Scene 1

Dropical Dead Gorgeous. 11:49

Lexa's strip tease is slow and sensual with lots of squirming around beside the pool as her green bikini slowly comes off. She spends some time flossing her crack with her bikini after it comes off. Her very professional posing shows off her amazing figure with refined elegance and poise. The scene is quite exotic with a luxurious villa and swimming pool surrounded by tropical palm trees blowing in the breeze and pelicans squawking in the background. There's a hint of fogginess on the lens in some portions of this clip from the high humidity at the shoot location.

A Fantasy Real Tour. ITC Favorite 17:41

If you like watching a naked girl walk around and you appreciate the more exotic shoot locations it does not get any better than this. Lexa takes a long stroll all around the outside of a huge exotic tropical villa stopping at multiple points of interest along the way to simply pose and play around. This includes a stop at the pool table where she takes a shot and giggles at her attempt. She then climbs onto a hammock and once again giggles at her clumsiness as she rolls around awkwardly on it. Then she takes a stroll down the sandy seaside path in front of the villa. There are times when we follow her close behind watching her butt cheeks wiggle as she goes. Most of the time however we stay stationary zooming in to see her walking with a very stable picture and no camera shake. Her smiles are super charming and her sexy walk is like poetry in motion. She stops to smell the flowers and then she takes a little detour to pose on a breezy seaside patio. There's some very nice bend over posing on the edge of the patio wall showing her gorgeous underside with a beautiful sea view in the background. She continues her stroll down the sandy path and then up some stairs with your face following close right behind her wiggling ass. She passes through a forested path and the driveway and finally ends up on a lookout point overlooking the sea. Though she never really talks during this clip you do get the genuine feel of her charming personality through her facial expressions and pretty smiles.

In Bare Assing Pre Dickament. 3:01

It is like the video starts again from scratch now as Lexa does a very brief strip tease peeling out of her green bikini and then poses naked on the deck chair with her bare ass up in the air.

Orange you Fuckin' Suction? 7:16

This is the first time you get to see Lexa actually using a toy in a masturbation scene. We stuck a suction dildo to the edge of a small table and she humps it with her perfect butt squirming over your face. You see her riding the dildo in front view at the beginning but the main body of this footage is in rear view with lots of low angles looking up her ass. The lighting is sometimes a little awkward with the sun occasionally poking into the picture.

Watch Walk I can do. 22:58

It seemed pretty obvious that we had to get the girl with the perfect ass walking on the treadmill. Unfortunately the rather ordinary looking treadmill is a bit of a mismatch with the opulence of the surrounding but the attention is squarely on the gorgeous curves in motion. You see her walking both in her bikini and fully naked. There are many different angles from the front and back and side and from both high and low. She wears her high heel shoes enhancing her posture and sexy walk throughout this footage. We might recommend watching the close up ass wiggling in slow motion for maximum effect. In the latter portions she uses her hands to enhance the wiggling motion spreading and bouncing her ass while she walks.

G'oily Bits. 16:41

Lexa is joined by Lola in this last part of her video for a sensual oily butt massage. At first you see the girls just sitting beside the pool and talking in their native Czech language. After undressing each other Lola lies down on her front and gets her silky smooth ass massaged by Lexa. With her legs spread wide open you gaze straight up Lola's slowly squirming ass while Lexa's hands leisurely caress all over her oily ass. Near the end Lola turns over onto her back and she gets a light pussy massage with Lexa's fingers gently rubbing her privates and getting her aroused. The pace is quite slow with plenty of time to gaze up Lola's glistening girly bits.

Oil Tush, You Stare ITC Favorite 20:29

The girls now change position starting with Lexa first getting her perky boobs massaged. Before long the attention turns to Lexa's ass with a long and sensual butt massage and tons of non stop up the ass views. For a while Lola uses her fingernails lightly brushing them over Lexa's ass to tickle her making her clench her butt cheeks. There's some exceptionally nice close up views right in Lexa's butt crack showing the lovely curves of her deep canyon while the oil pours down over her perfect anus. Later she gets a beautiful squirming motion going making her amazing curves ebb and flow in all directions while the flowing oil drenches her ass. Sometimes you can see her anus flexing in and out when the dripping oil hits the bulls eye right in the middle of her anus. More amazing ass crack close up views follow giving you plenty of time to thoroughly soak your brains in one of the most beautiful ass cracks ever.