365 Kayden Kross

366 Lola

367 Aleksa

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Tits a Jungle out there. 9:33

This video features one of our most beautiful girls doing her strip tease and posing in one of the most beautiful of locations along a tropical jungle path. Her top is just a colorful scarf that is wrapped around her boobs and it soon gets pulled aside to reveal her flawless youthful titties. Soon after we gaze a little lower as she teases us with her tight little jean shorts. After she gets completely naked she takes a short stroll through the jungle and we zoom in from a distance as she poses at the far end of the path.

Rump Hole in the Jungle. 14:19

This clip has lots of non stop ass spreading views with Lola standing over your face through most of it. She also spread her pussy open from behind and we get right up in her crack for a detailed inspection of her flawless private places. The second half of this clip has a lot of butt jiggling with two hands spreading it and letting it bounce. There's some really beautiful close up bum bounces with her cheeks crashing down around your face. The last portion has a very nice low angle front side view before moving out to a full body view to end it.

Save the Rain for us. 1:20

Lola squats on the path to pee and then stands up to wipe the pee drops from her ass. The wiping part is perhaps even nicer than the peeing as she bends forward spreading her butt to wipe it giving a great view up her ass through it all.

Lay Low Lola. ITC Favorite 14:40

Lola leans back on the chair to masturbate using a lumpy purple wand. The views are quite spectacular throughout although the most amazing views come after she slides her ass off the edge of the chair letting her ass hang in mid air which accounts for most of this clip. Her ass cheeks look absolutely gorgeous in this position dominating the view while the masturbation action continues at the pussy. Part way through she adds a second toy to vibrate her clitoris while the wand continues to pump her pussy and then she finishes with just the vibrator. With the wand gone now nothing impedes the view of Lola's amazing pussy and ass squirming in front of your face while she vibrates her clit. At the end she wraps her hands around under her ass to spread and jiggle her hanging butt cheeks. Pussy and ass views don't get much more pretty than you'll see in this clip.