361 Peaches

362 Charlie

363 Isabella de Cruz

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

If you enjoy some of our more exotic shoot locations they don't get much more unique and beautiful than this tropical outdoor shower setting. The girl isn't too bad either.

Scene 1

Built like a Brick Shower house. 15:47

The outdoor shower setting is almost as beautiful as Charlie as she does a really nice strip tease peeling out of her colorful bikini. Her bikini bottom stays on for the first half of this clip and the second half is all fully nude posing. There's a pretty even mix of beautiful full body views and low angle close up views and her lovely smile is constant throughout. The last few minutes is all ass spreading as seen from low down under her ass.

The Fanny Florist. ITC Favorite 6:58

The scene has a distinctly classy and tropical feel to it now as Charlie plays with freshly picked flower petals lightly brushing them all over her body and then making floral arrangements in her ass crack. She gets a whole row of flower petals stuffed in the full length of her ass crack and then spreads her butt and lets the flower petals fall on your face. Some flower petals get stuck to the edge of the camera lens making an unexpectedly nice frame to a beautiful scene.

Rubbery in Broad Daylight. 5:48

Charlie sits up on the edge of the window sill and gets into some nice finger masturbation action. You have a very nice low angle view up her pussy with her face, a brick arch and palm tree branches in the background.

A Posing Viewpoint. 3:44

Charlie turns around with her butt in your face and just spreads everything wide open for an extended pussy and ass ogle for the duration of this clip.

Skin Milk. ITC Favorite 7:24

Charlie slowly pours a whole jug of milk all down her body both in front and rear views and with some very interesting close up views. It is quite mesmerizing to watch the white stream slowly meandering through every crease and crevasse while every pore and goose bump glistens with brilliant detail. The great majority of this focuses on her spread ass as the stream flows through her anus and curves under her pussy lips.

Charlie's Shower Sheen. ITC Favorite 11:07

Charlie takes a rather long and leisurely shower in the luxurious setting of this tropical outdoor shower room. We did not take the camera in very close due to the splashing water and the clip therefore has a very softcore nature. It is however an amazing scene for beautiful poses, pretty smiles, a beautiful setting and glistening skin that reflects the light showing every contour of her figure. There are several different viewing angles including a very interesting overhead view from the rooftop.