359 Nena

360 Kiera King

361 Peaches

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Show me your Black side. 5:27

Kiera wastes little time to show you her naked pussy and ass as she soon bends over with her dress pulled up and she has no panties on underneath. There's a brief interlude of boob fondling and then it's back to pussy and ass views as she lies on her side spreading her naked girlie bits open.

Doing Tush ups and Shit ups. 7:02

Kiera bends over again and gets busy with a small blue dildo up her ass. She uses one hand to pump the dildo up her ass while the other hand rubs her pussy. Her bend over position gives some great pussy and ass views along with some quite enthusiastic action and lots of anal muscle flexing when the toy comes out. After she's done with the toy she just squirms her ass around and spreads it in your face while lying on her stomach.

The Minks Master. 3:42

Kiera leans back on the bed to use the big plug in vibrator to thoroughly rattle her clitoris. It's relatively brief and fairly intense but there is no obvious orgasm. The clip ends with some close up pussy spreading.

Scene 2

The Tease to the Kingdom. 5:43

This strip tease is pretty generic and basic, at least until she gets fully naked and bends over and then the magic happens. Kiera looks great on her knees bending over with her bare ass squirming around in front of your face.

King done Cum. 6:46

Kiera begins to masturbate with a dildo but before long she abandons the toy and goes with just fingers. The best part of this has Kiera on her knees again bending forward with her fingers enthusiastically thrusting up her pussy and her ass vigorously thrashing up and down against her fingers. Just when you think she's finished she starts vigorously masturbating again this time while lying on her back on the couch.