357 Zara

358 Dani Jensen

359 Nena

Shoot Location: Malibu

Don't expect any high energy action from Dani because she sometimes looks kind of drowsy and perhaps even bored with herself and yet there is still plenty of prime footage in many parts of this video. If you don't mind the sleepy look then you could easily be enamored with the many beautiful pussy and ass views to be found here.

Scene 1

Look Under Derriere. 26:32

Dani poses for quite a while in her loose fitting green dress with a super low cut front and back. Her boobs easily fall out of her dress with the slightest bending forward. The extensive up skirt views are one of the highlights of this clip. She has a beautiful shapely ass and some tight little jiggles as she repeatedly spreads her ass and lets it bounce. There's plenty of prime bum jiggling action to be seen here as well as some very nice close up views right in her ass crack with jiggly cheeks bouncing around your face. In the second half she gets on her knees on the chair with one knee raised on the table and the spread pussy and ass views only get better. Dani wraps both hands around behind her ass to hold her pussy wide open while bending forward. All of her girlie bits are gaping right out in the open for your inspection only inches in front of your face. The clip finishes with Dani leaning back in the chair with her legs up in the air while still spreading her pussy.

Sleep Deep Vibration. 14:39

Dani remains leaning back in the chair with her legs spread in the air to begin her masturbation action. She uses only fingers for a short while and then adds a green vibrating dildo. Half way through she scoots her ass off the edge of the chair and lets it hang in mid air while she continues masturbating with the vibrator. The position gives some beautiful up the bum views to compliment the vibrator action on her pussy. The masturbation action is pretty mild for a long time but that all changes as she reaches an undeniably genuine orgasm wit lots of uncontrollable quivering. The pussy and ass view at the end is really beautiful with her spent pussy and ass hanging in mid air and some moderate quivers still rippling through her body as she lightly touches her clitoris.

The Bishop of Cunt a Bury. 6:59

Dani experiments with a chess piece lightly brushing it over her pussy and then dipping it inside her vagina. Her position is leaning back in the chair with her legs up and then later she bends over on her knees and she once again stuffs the bishop up her pussy. It soon falls out and then she just spreads her pussy in your face while bending over.

Scene 2

It Whiz Nice Out. 1:22

Dani squats on the terrace to pee with her green dress pulled up. The camera motion is perhaps not as smooth as usual but the lighting is quite stunning. There's both full body and close up views of the peeing action with her leaking pussy looking really pretty and everything seen in crystal clear detail.