344 Elizabeth Anne

345 Lexa

346 Jada Stevens

Shoot Location: Banff, Canada

For a small change of pace Lexa wears her hair tied up tight in a bun with lots of flowers in her hair. The backdrop features a nice mountain setting out the window, although there might be something wrong with you if you notice the background because the girl is really stunningly beautiful.

Scene 1

Nice Lace you got there. 16:17

We see the beautiful Lexa posing in the bathroom wearing her lacy white lingerie and it doesn't take long before we get our attention glued on her amazing rear end. We spend quite some time down low looking up at her beautiful curves both in front and back with her tiny panty thong curving up through her ass crack. Then with all of her lingerie off she strikes some fantastic poses that really display her spectacular figure nicely. At the end she sits on the edge of the tub with one leg raised spreading her private places for a detailed close up inspection.

Lovely Back Round. ITC Favorite 18:08

Lexa gets in the bath now and looks absolutely stunning as she leisurely relaxes in the water and suds with lots of beautiful posing. The first thing you will notice is her pretty blue eyes as it starts with some nice eye contact and then the attention turns to her gorgeous back side. The abundant bend over poses and high camera angles will draw your attention to the incredible curves in her back and around her ass. Later she gets down lying on her front in the water with her glistening ass slowly bobbing up and down in and out of the water. After a while we add some liquid soap dribbling all down her ass and streams of water rinsing it all off. The views are truly magnificent showcasing perhaps the most beautiful ass you will ever see. In the last part she turns around for more front side views with her gorgeous face in view and her legs in the air.

You Shower are Purdy! 9:00

Lexa finishes her bath scene playing with the shower head and spraying herself in bend over and standing positions. It's quite softcore with attention focused on full body views displaying her amazing body and curves. There is one very beautiful close up ass view with the water pouring down over her ass. The scene has some very nice eye contact both near the beginning and at the end.