338 Kristina Rose

339 Alyssa Reece

340 Shawna Lenee

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

She's a Dirty Beach but Sea Shore is Nice. 14:00

We see Alyssa relaxing on a beach chair in her blue bikini and posing in various positions. It doesn't take long for her bikini to come off and start showing all her prettiest places bare naked. Her thick pussy lips feature prominently in all positions including a great bend over ass up position as she repeatedly slaps her ass. She starts rubbing her pussy while still bending over giving a great view up her ass. She ends up lying flat on her front with her legs wide open still giving great views up her bare ass with lots of butt slapping, pussy rubbing and spreading.

Cumming in Waves. 5:43

Now lying back on the chair Alyssa uses a small blue vibrator which she jams hard against her clitoris to get herself off. There's lots of quivering going on as she brings herself to a screeching orgasm. Post orgasm she repeatedly dabbles the vibrator on her sensitive exposed clitoris making her muscles twitch and her anus clench.

Angle Flirt Hump a Dink. ITC Favorite 3:57

Alyssa humps a suction dildo that we stuck to the arm of the chair. You get some very nice perspectives looking straight up her bare ass while she enthusiastically rides the dildo. It's some pretty intense action as she slaps her ass and bounces on the toy with vigorous passion.

Clam Bake. 2:08

Alyssa lies flat on her back with her legs spread wide to show off her fully exposed and spread pussy. She doesn't do very much other than just hold her pussy open using her fingers though it all looks very nice.

Sexy Drudge and Rock n' Stroll. 3:30

Alyssa goes for a casual stroll down the beach and has a little dip in the waves. We view her frolic in the sea from a long distance away and zoomed right in so that she still fills most of your screen.