334 Emy Reyes

335 Lexa

336 Heather Vandeven

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Just Flirting with Blue. 8:10

The beautiful Lexa looks quite adorable dressed in all blue with a little blue flower in her hair. Her flirty little smiles are really captivating throughout her strip tease. The panties almost come off several times as she flirts with them but there is no full bottomless nudity in this yet. Unfortunately her skin is overexposed in the more distant full body shots due to the camera sensing the dark background.

All Butts and no Story. ITC Favorite 26:12

Within a short time we get utterly and completely absorbed in Lexa's outrageously gorgeous ass and that's where our attention stays for the great majority of this clip. She has a delicious little tease with her pretty blue panties while showing more bare pussy and ass than panties. The pretty blue thong looks amazing wedged up in her ass crack and pussy slit with virtually everything hanging out. Then with Lexa completely naked we go straight back up her ass for glorious power ogle while she stands spreading it all open and bounces her voluptuous cheeks in your face. The lighting is exceptionally good in the close up views right in her crack where you can see her vagina opening up and also inspect her anus. If you like gorgeous jiggly bum cheeks flapping in your face you can really soak your brains in it here. Later she bends over doggy style on the patio furniture to show off her bare ass squirming in the air. Lying on her front she moves her ass around in beautiful hypnotizing motions showing some truly gorgeous views up her ass. For a little while we sneak right up her ass crack until her flawless anus completely fills your screen. In the last part she turns onto her side for some outstanding ass spreading with her gorgeous curves bulging in your face. This entire clip is your chance to leisurely soak in perhaps the most beautiful ass on the site.

L'extra Lip Footage. 3:05

Lexa flips over onto her back now and the attention turns to her beautiful pussy lips. With her legs opening and closing in the air you get a great close up view of her lips bulging together every time her legs come together. Before long we are gazing up her spread pussy as she holds everything open.

Digital Fidgets. 10:13

Now lying back on the chair Lexa starts a leisurely pussy fondling session lightly rubbing her clitoris and squirming around. She soon turns onto her side with one leg raised to give an exceptional view all through her gorgeous pussy and ass area while she continues masturbating. In the second half she scoots her ass right off the edge of the chair so that her entire pussy and ass area hangs in mid air as the masturbation action heats up. There may not be any real orgasm in this but the beautiful pussy and bumscape squirming in front of you is really a gorgeous sight.

Hangky Spanky. ITC Favorite 2:29

Lexa remains leaning back against the chair with her ass hanging right off the edge for some exceptionally beautiful pussy and ass views as she slaps and flicks her ass cheeks from underneath. Her ass jiggles are super tight with incredible shapely curves flowing in all directions. There's no way to describe how gorgeous her ass looks in this. You just have to download it.

Action Distraction. 0:46

This is just a brief outtake with no real pussy and ass ogling value though it does show some nice personality as Lexa gets a little distracted by the nearby birds and gets the giggles.