332 Jayme Langford

333 Luscious Lopez

334 Emy Reyes

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Luscious somewhat exceeds the usual dimensions we would normally look for in a model but she's here anyway due to popular demand. From the right angles she looks great with super voluptuous curves. From the wrong angles she can look a little chunky around the thighs. She's ideal for those who like big butts and wide hips.

Scene 1

Loaded Deck. 10:36

Luscious moves around quite a lot in her colorful patterned dress posing in standing and lying positions. After the dress comes off she poses for a while wearing only her thong panties and shows off her big butt while bending over on her knees. There is of course a little bit of butt wobbling with her substantial junk flapping in the air though this is not the main theme of the clip.

Explore the Grand Canyon. 8:48

Now with her panties off we can explore her naked private parts as Luscious lies back with her legs in the air and spreads her ass. There's some pretty big curves bulging in your face as we frame the picture with her spread ass filling your screen and her face in the background. She then turns over onto her knees and spends some time just wobbling her big ass in the air. She slows down for a little while and we get some close up ass crack views and she briefly sinks one finger up her ass hole. She then moves flat onto her stomach with her legs spread wide and continues to finger her ass some more with two fingers now. You get the impression she's had plenty of things up her ass before as the fingers seem to go in a little too easy.

Shove it up your Glass. 7:53

Luscious now uses a lumpy ornamental glass dildo with chrome balls in it. She repeatedly stuffs it all up her ass past the third ball and then pushes it out using only her anal muscles. She also turns the toy around and sticks the large end up her ass. There's no actual masturbation action with the toy as it's more like a demonstration of ass penetration with unique anal muscle action as she pushes it out.

Slam Bam Ram Maddam. 6:55

Lying on her back Luscious uses a bulbous purple dildo for some pussy penetration action. She goes at it with lots of fast pumping action and frequently taking the toy out to show her gaping vagina. There is no climax to the action in this clip as this is more like a warm up for what is to come in the following clip.

Virgin' on Cumming. 11:04

The action turns now to focus on clitoral stimulation with a pink vibrator pressed against her clit for most of this clip. With the goal of achieving a real orgasm she concentrates on the sensations and gradually builds up to it with some quivering. She seems to be on the verge of an orgasm for quite a long time before actually getting there with obvious contractions visible in her anus area. At the end we get some very nice close up pussy views with cum juice glistening in her opening and her clitoris standing at attention protruding out of her hood.